Sunday, October 12, 2014

I like it!

If you tuned in last week, you read about my least favorite diver behaviors.  I really hate being negative, though, and truly, I have no beef with 95% of divers I come in contact with. In fact there are many characteristics that I find very appealing in my fellow divers.

Courtesy:  Well, duh!  It is so nice to be around divers who take pains to arrive in plenty of time for boat departure.  They ask permission of the captain prior to boarding the dive boat, then board and quietly, assemble their kit and stow the rest of it out of everyone’s way. These divers are sensitive to the needs of others, such as families that want to be seated next to each other, and are willing to move if needed. They do not monopolize the divemaster, nitro analyzer or wash out tank.

Abiders: These divers go with the flow.  They are likely the ones whose air lasts the longest because they take things as they come without getting mad or stressed.  They look for the silver lining in all situations. They don’t grumble about the weather, the vis, the other divers.  Rather, they gravitate to the fun people and quietly avoid the Debbie Downer types.

Fun lovers:  These should not be confused with pranksters or people who take nothing seriously.  Fun lovers arrive at the dive site with a smile on their faces.  They find positives in every situation and their enthusiasm is contagious.  Case in point: Our Appleton contingent who instigated the “I say scuba, you say dive” chant.  While it is admittedly goofy, when you join in on the chant you can’t help but smile.

Team Players: These are those helpful folks who are quick to share their defog or help decipher a new dive camera.  We have been lucky enough to have some Team Players on a dive event with us who actually went so far as to help change a tire! Team players want everyone to have fun and work to make sure it happens. Team players are valuable assets to the dive group who have much to share, but are careful to not to assault people with unsolicited advice. Since they understand that there is no lone ranger on a team, Team Players are not only helpful, but are willing to take help from others.

Environmentalists: These divers know the limitations of their skills.  They do not insist on attempting to hover 2 inches from the coral to get a look at something or take a photo.  They take care to touch neither the flora nor fauna underwater.  They do not smoke and toss their butts into the ocean.  They are careful to police the boat or dive site for stray refuse and take it away where it will not pollute.

Researchers: As someone who plans a lot of dive excursions, it is great to when participants do a little research on their own and offer some suggestions as to what dive sites we should hit, what other activities are available, or where there is a good spot to get pizza. The ability to propose a variety of ideas takes the pressure off of me and likely leads to a more satisfying excursion for everyone involved.

What qualities do you like to see in a fellow diver? Who made a trip particularly fun for you and how did they do it? I would be glad to hear from you!  

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